Whitegold North 1314 Snowboard

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The NORTH is a freeride cruiser that can step it up to handle even the gnarliest terrain. It also has an all new very special feature: The ‘split’ option!

The NORTH is constructed around the VERYLIGHT CORE: A poplar wood core that is enhanced with Paulowina wood to make it super light but allow it to remain tough as hell. It stood up to every single one of our break tests. We gave the core a soft-mid flex and used core profiling to produce a flex pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between them. The core is wrapped in TRI-AX laminate layers. Two layers are aligned at 45 degrees to the edges, while the third runs the length of the board from tip to tail. The addition of the third axis increases torsional stiffness and responsiveness as well as further enhancing high-speed stability.

We also added some extra layups. Two straight carbon stringers run the full length of the contact edges, joining the board’s widest points. These add nothing to a NORTH’s torsional stiffness but increase stiffness along the length to an overall mid flex. When combined with the TRI-AX laminates, the result is a board that has a mid flex both along its length and torsionally. The NORTH remains lighter than a normal board of the same spec because we can use a thinner core without sacrificing strength thanks to the carbon reinforcements. In addition, the carbon strips store up extra elastic energy, which delivers big pop and they contribute to an even power delivery along the full contact edge. We also added two cork stringers that run the full length of the board between the inserts and the edges. These dampen vibrations along the edges, especially useful at high speeds and during traverses, when the edges of a NORTH are far less likely to twitch or chatter.

Finally, the NORTH includes a 2 cm wide strip of bamboo down the very centre of the board. Bamboo is very strong, flexible, has good return and is a renewable material. The bamboo contributes towards making the NORTH super poppy, but it has another use! You can split your NORTH for touring! There’s nothing new in splitting a board, but when you split the bamboo strip in the centre of the board, the near perfect alignment of bamboo fibers along the length of the board ensures that the newly revealed sidewalls remain impervious to water without needing further treatment! This means you can split your board as soon as you get it or ride it as normal for sometime and then split it! This offers the best of both worlds for anyone interested in trying a split board without wanting to take the hit on a ready prepared one or wanting to D.I.Y. it!

The FREERIDE TBT used on the NORTH has a narrow centre base (non TBT) section, giving it a high total upturn at its widest points. The result is even better float in powder as well as more agile carving. FREERIDE TBT is also directionally optimized, with the length of the TBT sections offset by the same amount as the stance. The nose side base sections also feature larger angles to further enhance the TBT by creating super floating powder wings! The centre flat section is set back in line with the stance and the tail TBT is shorter and shallower. The total width of the tail is also a couple of millimeters narrower than the nose. This produces a ‘gas pedal’ effect, where the board powers through and accelerates out of turns! While this is hardly noticeable for general riding (the NORTH is still excellent for riding switch), it becomes very noticeable when cranking a turn in powder, as the ‘gas pedal’ ensures a larger powder cloud that makes you look like a freeride superstar!

The NORTH features a 2 cm setback stance as standard that accommodates the longer nose TBT section, a precise insert pattern with 20 inserts for a good range and maximum precision on binding placement, together with optional backseat inserts so you can put your bindings all the way back on those bottomless days. This puts most weight automatically over your back foot, reducing back leg burn and increasing float. The NORTH is directional in both contact and outline shapes and optimized for backcountry riding.

The construction is completed by LIGHTNING EDGES; our lighter and thinner edges that enable you to carve with more feeling and better precision. We also included a sintered base, to give the highest possible top speeds. The design remains a simple combination of matte and gloss black on the top sheet, but now splitting the board in half lengthways along the bamboo strip. The base graphic is likewise split in half along the boards length with one half being black and the other being a sweet full colour, photo real image, featuring artwork by Taka Sudo. Very eye catching!

The NORTH is great for all types of riding: Just fine for cruising with friends, but take one to the backcountry and this board will really come into its own when things get deeper, steeper and more full on!