Whitegold Flyer 1314 Snowboard

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The FLYER is meant for all kinds of snowboarding and riders of all ability levels. Whether you cruise park and piste with your buddies or take on big mountain riding and fearsome backcountry kickers, the FLYER can tackle it all.

Built around the VERYLIGHT CORE: A poplar wood core, which is enhanced with Paulowina wood. This makes the core super light but it remains strong enough to beat all of our break tests. We gave the core a mid flex and used core profiling to produce a flex pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between them. The core is wrapped in BI-AX laminate layers. These are aligned along the board’s length and between its edges above and below the core. They create an easy and forgiving flex that permits you to directly feel the snow under your feet. BI-AX laminate layers do not increase torsional stiffness so the FLYER has a mid flex along its length, whilst remaining torsionally soft. This allows it to be super responsive, charge at high speeds and give very stable landings, all without sacrificing its forgiving nature.

We also added some extra layups: V-shaped carbon stringers on the nose and tail connect their centres to the heel and toe edges under the bindings. These further increase torsional stiffness outside of the bindings as well as storing extra elastic energy and focusing it right on the very back centre of the board when ollieing. The further back the pivot point of the ollie, the more elastic energy can be loaded into the tail and the higher the resulting pop! We also included cork stringers that run the full length of the board, between the inserts and the edges. These dampen vibrations and help to distribute power along the edge evenly. This is especially useful at high speeds and during icy traverses when cork reduces edge chatter and twitchiness. The result is a board with a mid flex, both torsionally and along its length that is as solid and stable as a much stiffer board.

FREESTYLE TBT is the most versatile of the TBT profiles. The centre base (non TBT) section features a traditional camber profile and has a medium width to balance edge-to-edge agility with flat base stability. The side base TBT uplift begins outside the bindings to give a longer contact length between your feet (without TBT). This improves stability when sliding on a flat base. FREESTYLE TBT is symmetrical about the nose and tail for equal performance when riding switch as forwards so it represents a ‘good for everything’ shape: Fast and forgiving edge-to-edge looseness as well as great overall stability. The FLYER features a true twin contact shape, FREESTYLE TBT and a centred stance. This makes it feel generally just like a twin. However, the nose of a FLYER is 1 cm longer than its tail, with the 1cm being added to the tip region that never touches the snow. The extra length includes transitioned TBT, which lifts the tip even further, making the extra length feel a whole lot longer and improving float. So when you find yourself crashing through a trashed powder field, a bombed out landing or cruddy spring snow, a FLYER won’t let you down.

The FLYER features LIGHTNING EDGES, which are our lighter and thinner edges and give your carves more feeling and precision. The inserts are centred and have a PARTY PATTERN: 24 holes give the largest range of possible stance widths and ultimate control over the exact binding positions. We also included BACKSEAT INSERTS so you can drop your bindings all the way back on those bottomless days. This puts weight automatically over your back foot, reducing back leg burn and increasing float. Finally, the FLYER has a sintered base for maximum hardness and higher top speeds.

The graphics are classic and simple. A matte and gloss black topsheet and a black base with transparent sections that allow you to see the core. The FLYER is intended for all round riders who always aim for powder when it is available, but who are happy to ride the rest of the hill when it is not. One board for riding everything: From park and groomers to backcountry kickers and open faces.