Bataleon Push Up 1314 Snowboard

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A push up bra provides support and makes boobs look better. A PUSH UP board provides support at speed the makes your riding look better: A mid flex board that uses construction and tech which allows you to take your riding to the next level is all the support that you could need and features that make it super easy to ride at low speed make you look better!

Based around the CORE CORE: A poplar wood core with two hardwood inserts running parallel to the edges and along the insert rows. These inserts increase the cores strength while channeling stored elastic energy to deliver more pop. We gave the core a mid flex then used core profiling to produce a flex pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between them. The core is wrapped in TRI-AX laminate layers. Two layers are aligned at 45 degrees to the edges, while the third is along the board from tip to tail. The addition of the third axis increases the torsional stiffness, response and stability of the PUSH UP giving it an overall mid flex, both torsionally and along its length. Perfect for a full range of riding speeds, from cruising to Mach 10!

FREESTYLE TBT is our most versatile TBT profile and in this case has been optimized for ladies lighter weights and smaller feet. There is a traditional (curved) camber profile on the centre base (non TBT) section. The centre base section has a medium width, which retains decent stability on presses but balances this stability with edge-to-edge agility. The side base TBT uplift reaches a medium height, making the PUSH UP forgiving without the TBT being too crazy! TBT uplift begins outside the bindings to give a longer contact length (without TBT) between the feet. When combined with the soft-mid flex, this maximises its stability when sliding on a flat base or at speed. FREESTYLE TBT is symmetrical about the nose and tail for equal performance when riding switch or forwards, so it represents a ‘good for everything’ shape: Fast and forgiving edge-to-edge looseness, good pop and great stability at speed.

The PUSH UP features a true twin contact shape for excellent switch riding, FREESTYLE TBT and a centred stance. This makes it feel generally just like a twin, being excellent for switch riding. However, the nose of the PUSH UP is 1 cm longer than its tail, with the extra length is added to the region that never touches snow – at the tip. The extra length includes transitioned TBT, which lifts the tip even further, making 1 cm feel a whole lot longer and improving float in powder. So when you find yourself crashing through a trashed powder field, a bombed out landing or generally cruddy snow, a PUSH UP is more likely to carry you through.

LIGHTNING EDGES are thinner and lighter than is average, enabling you to carve with more feeling and precision. We added a STACKED PACK of inserts. 22 closely spaced inserts represents the perfect compromise between stance width range and placement precision. The construction is completed with an extruded base for quick and easy repairs when required.

The graphic was inspired by optical art, with intertwining waves in two contrasting colours on the nose and tail and a large metallic silver section in the centre. It’s all about negative space baby! The PUSH UP is intended for ladies who like general riding: Great fun for cruising with friends, park laps and even rails. This board will also perform really well in powder. Whether the powder is just by the side of the piste or at the top of a two hour hike, the PUSH UP is like a good bra – supportive when things get tough, forgiving to help build confidence and always beautiful!