Bataleon Evil Twin 1314 Snowboard

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The EVIL TWIN has been the backbone of Bataleon’s freestyle range for a long time. The reasons for this are simple: It has amazing pop and is righteously stable!

As the name suggests, the EVIL TWIN is a twin in both outline and contact shapes. At its centre is a CORE CORE: A poplar wood core with two hardwood inserts running parallel to the edges but along the insert rows. The hardwood inserts increase the cores strength in the most important places, while channeling stored elastic energy to give you more pop. We gave the core a mid flex along its length but used core profiling to produce a flex pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between your feet. This keeps the board super poppy while the stiffer core between your feet retains stability at high speeds. The core has over and under TRI-AX laminate layers. One layer runs along the board’s length and the other two make angles of 45 degrees with this layer, being perpendicular to each other. The two perpendicular layers increase the torsional stiffness of the EVIL TWIN, making it more stable at high speeds and poppy as hell! It therefore has a mid flex along its length and a soft-mid flex torsionally.

TWIN TBT is perfect for park riding! It is symmetrical about the nose and tail, but the centre base (non-TBT) section now features a traditional, smoothly curving camber rather than a trapezoidal profile. This allows boards that feature TWIN TBT to carve more responsively. TWIN TBT side base uplift still commences just outside the bindings. This gives a longer contact length when sliding on a flat base so the board is more stable at high speeds. The centre base section is narrower than JIB and PARK TBTs and this makes the EVIL TWIN more agile on edge changes and more playful for piste riding and buttering.

The EVIL TWIN has LIGHTNING EDGES. These are thinner and are our lightest edges, giving you more precision and feeling when carving. The PARTY PATTERN of inserts has 24 holes for maximum flexibility in the range of stance widths as well as ultimate precision in getting exactly the stance that you desire. The EVIL TWIN also has a sintered base, which is very hard and very fast, to give you as much speed as possible: Ideal for slushy spring park laps and backcountry kickers.

The EVIL TWIN looks as good as ever this year, with a black and yellow colour scheme featuring stylized elephant skin ate on gloss detail and a ‘creature’ inspired font.

The go-to freestyle board in our range, an EVIL TWIN is equally at home on meaty park kickers and backcountry booters. It also carves like a dream on piste and thanks to the mid flex is not even shy of smashing powder! If you need one board to do all types of freestyle riding as well as shredding the whole hill, then you need an EVIL TWIN!