Bataleon Disaster Gulli Edition 1314 Snowboard

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The GULLI EDITION is the kind of DISASTER that happens when the hammer of Thor meets a dirty bomb. Both are slayers, so put them together and you have the snowboard equivalent of an AK47: It kills absolutely every mother f*cker in the room! A true twin in both outline and contact shape, because it’s a jib board. The TOUGHCORE, which is composed of pressure bonded wood composite is very flexible yet difficult to break. We gave the core a super soft flex along its length and then used core profiling to produce a flex pattern that is slightly softer outside the bindings than between them. This makes presses legit and effortless, pop outs super certified and gives sexy flex on board slides. The thicker core between the bindings means that the flex benefits come without sacrificing too much strength or stability when traveling at speed. BI-AX laminate layers are aligned along the board’s length and between its edges, both above and below the core. This facilitates the easy and forgiving flex by allowing the rider to directly feel the terrain under their board. BI-AX laminate layers do not increase torsional stiffness so the GULLI EDITION retains an overall soft flex, both torsionally and along its length, making it great on rails and also good for progressing general riding.

HAMMER EDGES are thicker, tougher, stronger and more durable than the average edges. Just like Gulli! These are useful when your board is up against metal and concrete, but also come in handy whenever you hit a rock, tree or anything harder than the board. A WIDE insert pattern gives the widest possible range of stances and can accommodate everyone: from the narrowest new wave, to the most dope! We add in an easy-to-repair extruded base, for a package that is optimized for street riding.

The GULLI EDITION features JIB TBT. This is completely symmetrical about the nose and tail for switch riding that is identical to forwards. It has the widest centre base (non TBT) section to keep presses and slides super stable. Unlike regular TBT, which features a smoothly curving camber profile on the centre base, with JIB TBT the section between the bindings is flat. When the board is unloaded, this section is lifted off the floor because the nose and tail sections are also flat, but angled slightly downwards to give a trapezoidal profile. When combined with the widest centre, the flat nose and tail sections also give the most stable presses and slides known to man. This means that the GULLI EDITION carves just like a regular cambered board, but it presses and butters like a rocker. Except without the washed out landings! On the side bases, the TBT uplift begins under the bindings, for a super loose and forgiving effect. The TBT angles are minimized since the edge need only be raised incrementally to stop catches. Less edge catching is great because there is nothing wrong with getting away with it!

Gulli is a man with good taste in music. He wanted his board graphic to reflect his metal sensibilities this year, so it features a sick, photo real metal Bataleon hand complete with lightning bolts! This board won’t make you into Gulli, but it will help!