Sandbox began in Vancouver BC as a snowboard film company, grown out of the legendary 'Skids' crew of Kevin Sansalone and friends. Since 2004 they have been bringing the freshest helmet designs to riders everywhere, and have the magic length of the peak patented. Not too long, not too short, no one else can touch this style.


LOW PROFILE - Shells and liners are engineered together so your helmet is as streamlined as possible but still has all the protection you need.

GOGGLE FRIENDLY - Our helmet shapes are engineered for compatibility with most goggles, eliminating gaps.

ALL WEATHER - Because you shred in the sun, snow and rain, our helmets provide removable ear covers, goggle clip and vent plugs.

MULTI SPORT - Whether you’re shredding on the mountain, tearing it up at the skate park or ripping on your bike. 

UNISEX - Every style and colour can be rocked by dudes and chicks.

SOFT TOUCH - Soft to the touch with a scratch-resistant finish, the soft touch feature is available on all our matte helmets.