MTNApproach is the first snowboard specific backcountry brand by and for snowboarders. The solitude and refreshment of the backcountry experience is what drives us and we are focused on riding better terrain with better equipment.

As more and more snowboarders come to the conclusion that uncut powder is the real reason they ride, a fundamental question emerges: How do I access the backcountry with my snowboard?
Until now, the splitboard was the main tool available for snowboarders seeking the backcountry experience. The splitboard has grown in popularity and has seen advances in equipment, however, we have taken a new approach to answering the need for performance and efficiency. The MTNApproach System is the most effective alternative for riders who want the feel and reliability of a legit snowboard while riding downhill.

Lightweight - Only 9 lbs. (total weight Including skins) 4.5lbs per foot, per step = less fatigue & longer tours
Quick transition time - Unfolds in seconds, no removable parts and no skins to peel and glue
Ride any board you want - No compromise on performance, you don't have to give up your favorite solid snowboard!
Unique tool -You already own at least one snowboard, why buy another to ride the backcountry?
Ascends effectively -Continuous steel edges and dual side cut (both edges of the skis) makes easy kick-turns and traverses
Full Camber -Creates the most effective edge and surface area for the climbing skin to be gripping the snow
Size -Packs away easily in the integral backpack for your descent.

MTNApproach skis are assembled in the USA and are designed, tested, packed and shipped by snowboarders.

MTN Approach products have just arrived in NZ, just in time for some powder turns in the backcountry!

They are available exclusively here at Contact us to test a pair!