Could you imagine if we still all believed the world was flat? What a bland land. Snowboarding is not a two-dimensional act, yet snowboard design is still stuck in a two-dimensional world. Over a decade ago we challenged the idea, like Pythagoras did with spherical earth, that a snowboard should have three-dimen- sional shaping. We dissected surfing hydrodynamics and the art of the turn, we thought of boat hulls and how they plane in water, we thought of skateboard deck concave. All these things relate to how a snowboard behaves in snow. So we tinkeredand engineered then rode a whole hell of a lot. Heck, we’ve been riding and refining our three-dimensional Triple Base Technology board shaping for over a decade and we’re pretty proud of how it performs. We’ve learned a lot over the years and it’s given us the most 3D shaping knowledge in the industry. It’s our ethos and how we’ve built boards since day one. Rather than ship off all of our years of hard work to some random foreign factory, we hired some of the best snowcrafters in the world to hand-build our boards in a mountainous land called Austria. Yes, the Austrian mountain folk have been building snowcraft for a very long time and they’re highly skilled at board building. For 2015–16 we pushed Triple Base Technology shaping even further. We sculpted it into an asymmetric form for dedicated freestyle folk, developed our smallest 3BT boards yet for the younguns, crafted a 3BT Twin Powder shape from our Whitegold development lap and created a new Proto board here as well, designed a new performance park board for the ladies and even got into surfing by taking our collaboration with surfing legend Bill Stewart to the swell. We’re not sure where everyone is headed, but we’re plowing our way to one hell of roly, poly, curvy, swervy land of snowy mountains.