Mtn Approach @ Cardrona September 16 2013

Last week, Yeahforit team rider Jack Spence along with Matt & Simon from Yeahforit, headed up to Cardrona to make the most of the epic sunny spring day and soft off trail corn snow. 

We started off the day with a few mellow laps around the park, then got ourselves set-up and over to Captains basin. The backside was looking soft and untouched, so we headed out the back aided by the awsome Mtn Approach setup. 

We had some great fun out there using the system, and still so hyped on how easy & quick it is to setup and pack down compared to a standard splitboard setup. It has made going into the backcountry so much more enticing!   

All together is was a great day to be able to get out there and explore a bit more of the local mountains and backcountry. Now into spring, we will be out there on the Mtn Aprroach gear as much as possible. With still good deep cover on alot the the mountains, there is going to be some epic spring snow backcountry trips! If your keen to give them system a go, get in touch with us, as we have a few sets available for demo in both the North and South Island. 

Happy Spring!