Mtn Approach June 20 2013


Yesterday morning I thought I would get up early and go test out the Mtn Approach System up Coronet Peak, seeing as they arrived on Tuesday.We have been hanging out for these to turn up all the way from Idaho!

Arriving at Coronet at 7am to some interesting conditions (firm base, wind, snow, dark), I chucked on my headlamp, pulled the skis out the bag and unfolded them, strapped my snowboard to my bag and I was away. It was such a fast and easy system to setup, it really beats playing around with skins and bindings on a splitboard.

Cruising up the M1 on the firm snow, the skins held really well, and I was impressed with how easy it is to maneuver the skis around. At only 138cm in length, they are light and dont take as much effort and energy as using a splitboard. When on steeper terrain and zig zagging your way up the hill, kick turns and changing direction is  EASY. 


I got to the top and again the process of changing from skis back to your board was super quick. Fold them down, and chuck them in the pack, throw the 3 stage carbon poles on and your away. The pack is comfortable, has a good harness system, and the skis sit against your back which means there is no swing weight

The run down was less than average in the morning haze, and really I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. But I did enjoy the skin up, and I can see it becoming a morning ritual for me!

Overall I think this is a winning system! Fast, Easy and high performance! Check them out here

On another note. This weekend is opening day for The Remarkables and Cardrona. Both fields are in amazing shape, looking like the best opening days in years! They have been hammered by snowfalls over the last week or so. Remarks is reporting an average base of 85cm and Mt Hutt so far this morning is reporting 80cm overnight with loads more to come. Will they reach the 2m mark in June??? Wall to wall, top to bottom whiteness!

Winter is ON!

Simon Robinson