Bataleon Demo @ PowderPakPark Melbourne May 07 2015

MTN Approach review - Will Jackways June 16 2014

Last season we hooked up with kiwi shred legend Will Jackways, and gave him some MTN Approach backcountry gear. He has been using it on his travels around the world this past summer, and was kind enough to let us know his thoughts about the system.

This past winter away I had the privilege of using the MTN Approach gear on a trip up to Mt Cook. I was really blown away with how useful the MTN approach kit was and it really made such a huge difference in accessing the terrain we wanted.

The ski's were super easy to use and worked well with staying on top of the snow, it was fast to unpack and reload , and the poles along with the backpack are a great combination overall.

Having a system like this is so useful and practical to have in the backcountry and will open up a huge range of accessible terrain in the future.

Its light, easy to use and provides a great alternative to having to use a heavy and stiff split board .

I cant wait to get out there this season on my MNT Approach and start exploring our amazing back yard.

Thanks MTN Approach you rock, 10 / 10 !

-Will Jackways

Slashes and motorcycles. May 27 2014

Early season snow is here and it's time to get amongst! We get some early season slashes in Wanaka with team rider Tim Herbert!

Yeah For It crew shred Cardrona September 22 2013

Leon flew down from Auckland to Wanaka for two days only, and got together with Jack and Tim for some sunshine park laps. Check out their mad jib skills!

Mtn Approach @ Cardrona September 16 2013

Last week, Yeahforit team rider Jack Spence along with Matt & Simon from Yeahforit, headed up to Cardrona to make the most of the epic sunny spring day and soft off trail corn snow. 

We started off the day with a few mellow laps around the park, then got ourselves set-up and over to Captains basin. The backside was looking soft and untouched, so we headed out the back aided by the awsome Mtn Approach setup. 

We had some great fun out there using the system, and still so hyped on how easy & quick it is to setup and pack down compared to a standard splitboard setup. It has made going into the backcountry so much more enticing!   

All together is was a great day to be able to get out there and explore a bit more of the local mountains and backcountry. Now into spring, we will be out there on the Mtn Aprroach gear as much as possible. With still good deep cover on alot the the mountains, there is going to be some epic spring snow backcountry trips! If your keen to give them system a go, get in touch with us, as we have a few sets available for demo in both the North and South Island. 

Happy Spring!

Leroy hits up Queenstown for the Fight Night fundraiser and shred. August 21 2013

Last week, our new rider Leroy Christensen departs the North Island to meet his opponent (and our good mate) Colin Bartlett in the fight for life. Check out what the boys got up to before smashing each other in the ring that evening!

Yeah For It! Team edit from the Remarkables August 15 2013

Jack, Mitch and our new Lobster snowboards rider Tim Herbert head over the range to the Remarkables, for a bit of fun in the park and some golf. Check out the edit below thanks to Jake Munro and!

Mtn Approach June 20 2013


Yesterday morning I thought I would get up early and go test out the Mtn Approach System up Coronet Peak, seeing as they arrived on Tuesday.We have been hanging out for these to turn up all the way from Idaho!

Arriving at Coronet at 7am to some interesting conditions (firm base, wind, snow, dark), I chucked on my headlamp, pulled the skis out the bag and unfolded them, strapped my snowboard to my bag and I was away. It was such a fast and easy system to setup, it really beats playing around with skins and bindings on a splitboard.

Cruising up the M1 on the firm snow, the skins held really well, and I was impressed with how easy it is to maneuver the skis around. At only 138cm in length, they are light and dont take as much effort and energy as using a splitboard. When on steeper terrain and zig zagging your way up the hill, kick turns and changing direction is  EASY. 


I got to the top and again the process of changing from skis back to your board was super quick. Fold them down, and chuck them in the pack, throw the 3 stage carbon poles on and your away. The pack is comfortable, has a good harness system, and the skis sit against your back which means there is no swing weight

The run down was less than average in the morning haze, and really I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. But I did enjoy the skin up, and I can see it becoming a morning ritual for me!

Overall I think this is a winning system! Fast, Easy and high performance! Check them out here

On another note. This weekend is opening day for The Remarkables and Cardrona. Both fields are in amazing shape, looking like the best opening days in years! They have been hammered by snowfalls over the last week or so. Remarks is reporting an average base of 85cm and Mt Hutt so far this morning is reporting 80cm overnight with loads more to come. Will they reach the 2m mark in June??? Wall to wall, top to bottom whiteness!

Winter is ON!

Simon Robinson

Ethan Morgan's Bataleon Quiver. June 17 2013

If you're keen to hear more about which board is right for you, listen to pro shred Ethan Morgan breaking down the boards he rides for different conditions. TBT is super versatile, but we still make some boards better for rails, others better for jumps, and even some just for POW!

2013 Season is all go! June 13 2013

The season got underway down in the southern lakes this past weekend. Coronet Peak opened on Saturday 8th June, with the runs looking pretty damn good for this time of year! Was nice to get the board back on the snow, lap some groomers and see familiar faces all having a good time! It was definitely one of the best snow conditions on opening day i have seen in a while down here. 


On the Sunday i teamed up with R&R Sport Queenstown, and took the Bataleon Demo fleet up to Coronet! Was great to see a good response from snowboarders keen to try out some TBT, and make the most of the early season conditions. I was loving the new Bataleon Evil Twin 54 and Switchback Binding combo on the firm groomers in the am, followed by soft spring like snow later in the day!


I will be back up Coronet again this Sunday 16th , so if your in the Southern Lakes, come on up to Coronet Peak to say HI and try some boards out.




Airtime: Leon Thomason June 11 2013

When spending a long, hot summer in the largest city that graces NZ's shores, there are many options for boardsports. From surfing to skating, or snowboarding to wakeboarding, Auckland offers a ton of adventure. Our new team rider Leon Thomason resides in East Auckland and maximises the location to show us around a typical day!

Snow to Summer day with Leon Thomason : Airtime Season 2 - Episode 22 from 'Airtime' TV on Vimeo.

New headwear for winter! May 04 2013

We just received our order of fresh Hoppipolla stock direct from Norway. These are 100% cotton and have the most unique style... from tie dye on the Halldor model to paint fades on the Eiki, you will get comments wearing these for sure.

Check them out here!


Yeah For It Winter 2012 Remix April 15 2013

Our friend Graham Smout chopped together a remix edit from 2012 for us, with a beat thrown in by DJ Kev Fresh. Footage courtesy of Jake Munro and

We can't wait for winter!! Bring the shred!


Switchback Bindings have dropped!! April 03 2013

It's awesome to receive our first delivery of Switchback Bindings! Many of you had the chance to try our demo models last year, and the feedback was great. This is the new Eiki Helgason Pro Model, which will be in stores in the next few weeks along with the rest of the range. Be sure to check out the new color selector, where you can design your own binding, over 15,000 color options!! Find out where your local dealer is here!

Presenting: Switchback Bindings

New Team rider - Leon Thomason March 11 2013

We are stoked to bring Leon in to the Yeah For It family, he's an incredibly motivated and passionate rider from Howick in Auckland. He mixes his riding time between Ruapehu, Snow Planet and the far south, while studying and working for Boardertown store part time. He landed his first double rodeo in 2012 and has a loose but confident style, look out for this kid in the future! Welcome to the crew!

Check out Leon's Blog and bio on his team page here.


Yeah For It X MTN APPROACH February 15 2013

We are happy to let you know we are the new agents for MTN APPROACH Backcountry gear for snowboarders.

This product is the cutting edge of backcountry access technology. Three times faster than a split board in transitions, and you can ride ANY board you want in the BC, not some split board that doesn't perform how you want when riding lines or hitting drops and jumps. Check it out here.

The first delivery of products will be arriving in June 2013, and we will have a bunch of demos around NZ this year. 

Yeah For Hoppipolla! January 22 2013

We are happy to let you know that we have just secured our first shipment of Hoppipolla Headwear! Straight outta Norway and styled by Halldor and Eiki Helgason amonsgst others, these are the freshest beanies you will see on the mountain or the street this winter. Available exclusively here at Yeah For It! Check out the range here.

Jack and Olly's Spring Shred edit! October 04 2012

The boys had a great season and have loads of tricks on point... check out our team riders Jack Spence and Olly Hanbury-Webber as they systemtatically destroy every feature at Cardrona, and Snow Park in one day.

NZ Trade Fair 2012 - Wanaka October 16-18th September 15 2012

We are stoked to be presenting our brands at the NZSIF Winter Trade Fair in Wanaka this October. This is an event open to retailers and wholesalers based in the snow industry, we would love to meet you there! Appointments can be booked by emailing us here. We will be in stand A6. 


NZ Winter 2012 update: Demo tour and more! July 26 2012

Hey guys, thanks for dropping in to check out what we have been up to this season! It's been the busiest winter ever for Bataleon Snowboards in NZ, as well as launching Lobster Snowboards for the first time. We hit the road starting in the North Island at Turoa for opening weekend, which unfortunately didn't happen due to adverse weather conditions. The only thing to do was to board the ferry south on Monday, bound for Methven.

On the road to Mt Hutt at dawn


Photo: Lockie Sutherland

We were welcomed by the friendly folk at Mt Hutt for our first demo day, and were rewarded with a sneaky 45cm of fresh! As we were there early for demo day, we scored first dibs on a few choice lines before setting up for our first demo day in the south. We were lucky to find the driest snow we had seen in NZ for a long time, as if the eye of the storm had passed over Mt Hutt and let loose with not a breath of wind.

Our friend, photographer and all round GC Lockie Sutherland ( came along to help out with demo day, and ended up getting a few good shots (both on his face and the camera). Our rider Benji Oppan turned up to score some cheeky pow slashies!

Photo: Lockie Sutherland


Matt Taylor, Photo Lockie Sutherland


Benji Oppan, Photo Lockie Sutherland

We were stoked that Mt Hutt had turned it on for us, and the storm didn't let up as we travelled through Arthurs Pass bound for Porter Heights. There we met local ripper Michael McCloy to test the new Lobster boards, he was stoked on TBT and loved the Switchback Bindings. After the demo day wrapped up, I went for a quick few laps of 'product testing' on the new Goliath 158... this board is a machine, it was as solid as a rock in the variable tracked out condtions and a held up well when driven off a few cliffs. (see the short clip below for a good old fashioned tomahawk!)

Michael McCloy X Lobster NZ X Porter Heights


Porter Heights Backcountry

How many times can you count the sky....?

As we left Canterbury the snow continued to fall, Wanaka was our destination to continue the demo tour. Rising before the sun was slightly painful after the Snow Park opening party the previous night, but the excitement of breaking out a fresh Bataleon Split Board before the lifts opened was too much! Thanks to Tom Beatson at the Snowboard Workshop in Queenstown, this 159 Jam charged the uphill on fresh skins, and I was impressed by the response and edge hold on the ride down. Can't wait to get at the backcountry with this beast! Skinning up was a great way to warm up in the cold morning air and get ready for a busy demo day ahead. Many shop staff from around Wanaka, Queenstown and Dunedin came along to test out the products, bringing a lot of stoked friends with them. The Distortia and the Evil Twin were the most popular boards out for demo that day, the fresh park with fun jib line may have had something to do with that! We also had a lot of interest in our new Switchback bindings, lots of and big thumbs up for comfort and style!

It was awesome to finally arrive back at Snow Park, catch up with familiar faces and meet a smiling crew of staff and riders. This place is truly unique in the world and shouldn't be missed on a trip down south, the air reeks of progression and one can't help but take a sniff and begin to push it further than before. Picking up NZ filmer Jake Munro on the way, we missioned up the hill for a late night session with Bataleon NZ team riders Mitch Brown and Jack Spence. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and managed to get enough good footy for a team edit which Jake made for us (Click the picture below to check it out, killer!). Reclining in the hot tub under the stars with a few bevvies sure is the best way to finish any day... and rest up for the next. The next morning was picture perfect, there was a dusting of fresh snow on the tussock and the cold temps kept the jib line flowing well. The Lobster Park board was a fave amongst the crew up here and suited the style of terrain perfectly.

Click this picture to see the video edit of Bataleon NZ team night riding at Snow Park!

Demo day at the one and only Snow Park!

The slow and relaxed drive back over the Crown Range to Queenstown had us craving a Ferg burger and a mulled wine at Dux de Lux. A warm welcome to a cold week with frozen water pipes and fingers thanks to the constant -6 temperatures. We were up at Coronet peak for a few demo days over the week, where the trails were hard, fast and fun! Across the valley to Remarkables for a busy Saturday where the riders came out in force to test every board in the range.

Coronet Peak Demo

After one day of 850km in a stretch, QT to Wellington, we find ourselves back where we began, all the way back up north at Ruapehu. Blue skies and sunny groomers are a welcoming sight, even if there are a few too many rocks... the rain hasn't kept us away and we are having as much fun as ever! We managed to finish with three demo days of calm weather, even had the tent up! (which doesn't happen often thanks to the wind at Ruapehu!). Thanks to everyone who has helped out along the way, said gidday and tested some boards. We couldn't do it without you!

Matt and some of the crew at Turoa demo day, much love!?!


Bataleon NZ night ride @ Snow Park Edit! July 23 2012

We had a killer time at Snow Park NZ last week, check out what we got up to when the sun went down!
Click the picture for video

One run with Mitch Brown at Snow Park NZ July 23 2012

Mitchy's been loving the early season conditions at Snow Park... check out his one lap edit, the cab double tail underflip is nuts!!

We are coming to a hill near you - South Island demo tour! June 23 2012


We are looking forward to bringing our new range of boards to your local resort... we even have some sneaky switchback bindings for testing! Check out the dates below and we will see you there!


The demo weekend at Snow Planet went down... May 02 2012

We were at Snow Planet in April, with 17 brand new boards straight off the boat from Austria. The response over the weekend was nothing short of amazing, we had over 20 retail staff arrive as well as hundreds of stoked grommets. The most popular boards demo'd were the Lobster Park board, the Evil Twin and the Distortia.. one young kid reckoned he learnt 5 new tricks in the few runs he was on it! Thanks to everyone that came along to ride, lend a helping hand or just to hang out. We'll see you there again soon!
Check out the edit by Mikey Venville below.

Our boards are now in a store near you! May 02 2012

We are stoked to have nationwide support from our awesome retailers... you can check out our brands at a store near you - just check the map for locations!

Jack's Tahoe edit... talk about style! May 01 2012

Mt Ruapehu Snow Sports Freestyle Team April 12 2012

We have support from the Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Turoa Ski Areas Snow Sports Freestyle Team this year, check out what they are offering for the winter here!